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Roaming Permits

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Roaming Permits are fairly easy to obtain with all the proper documents. In contrast, the City of Vancouver is not currently issuing any new Downtown Stationary Permits. For complete info, check out the city’s website information:

Where can I NOT go with a Roaming Permit?

· downtown, on streets west of Main Street and north of False Creek

· one block of grade schools on school days from 8am to 5pm

· park boundaries (including parking lots), beaches, school grounds, or private properties

· 100 metres from park concession stands

What do I need to apply for a Roaming Permit?

· valid liability and vehicle insurance

· current City of Vancouver business licence

· complete a criminal record search for each vending unit operator

· valid health permit

· permit fees

· application form

2020 fees

Motorised unit permit fee (food trucks) $329.35 + 16.47 GST

Non-motorised unit permit fee (bikes or push carts) $165.30 + 8.27 GS

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