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How To Sell Your Truck For More Money.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

1. Hire a professional sales and marketing person. Biased opinion or but this is based on real life! People focus on the cost of commission and think DIY will save $$$ but the bulk of our clients are people that have tried unsuccessfully to sell online. The commission is built into the price and with a strong negotiator on your side, you usually end up with more money and a lot less hassle. Using a large database of buyers gathered from multiple online platforms and the food truck community gets the job done in a lot less time too!

2. Have equipment and truck in good working order. Have invoices for repair work and updated equipment available.

3. Sparkle clean your truck. It makes a huge difference and is worth every ounce of elbow grease.

4. Have copies of permits, insurance and business license prepared.

5. Be as accommodating as possible with Buyer showing appointments.

6. Timing. There are high and low seasons for selling trucks and for inventory.

7. Quality photos of the truck work wonders.

8. Prepare a detailed equipment list. This answers a lot of questions easily and ensures the buyer that what they see it what they are going to get.

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