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10 ways you'll know this is the right truck for you

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

When you buy a truck there are many varieties.. How do you know what truck is right for you?

1. What are you doing with the food truck? Savory, Sweet, or drinks?

2. If you are deep frying you would need a truck with fryers and proper ventilation.

3. If you are selling ice cream you would need a proper freezer, however it could be a smaller truck instead of a giant one.

4. If you have a little coffee shop you might just need a mini truck or even kart on wheels.

5. Snack bar can be a truck designed to store chips, sandwiches and yogurt for perhaps construction sites.

6. Promotional trucks for brands for large events to continue growth of a brand for example you will see brands like Red Bull and Monster driving Trucks full of drinks to hand out to promote their brand and product.

7. Theme, what kind of theme do you want to project with your type of business and cusine?

8. Budget, we all want the best truck but we all have a budget we are working with.

9. Environment, where will our truck be? This can determine the size of the truck we are investing in.

10. Size to equipment, you may want to think about all the equipment you will need to provide your services to the public and then find a truck that provides that space that you need.

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