Custom New Builds

When Does it Make Sense to Custom Order a New Truck?

Expect to pay in the range of $80,000 and up for a custom designed food truck or trailer. Much will depend on the purchase price of the base unit itself - the truck or trailer are usually bought separately. Some manufacturers will assist with this process.

Why buy new?

  • reliability of equipment - time away for repairs can be costly especially during event season

  • optimal design for food concept, workflow and display

  • can be easier to obtain financing

Some manufacturers are big on promises and fall short on productions while others do high quality work but can take a long time. The quotation process can also be very confusing as there are a lot of details to cover.

Food Truck Queen can help guide you to the Custom Food Truck Builder that is just right for your food concept, your timeline and budget and help you avoid the pitfalls of the learning curve!

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